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I have found Dr. Hutsons’ materials to be a great support in my own ministry. I have not used all of his materials, but the ones I have used have been extremely beneficial to my teaching and preaching efforts. I recently did a Sunday Night series on Genesis and found Dr. Hutson’s three part series on Genesis to be filled with truths written in an eloquent, but easy to understand format. I have found his writings to be concise, but exceedingly rich and full, and, at the same time, quite clear and understandable — as well as easily adaptable. I highly recommend his materials to anyone — knowing you will find them very helpful, very “to the point”, and very teachable.

Ed Neal, Pastor
Midway Baptist Church
McKinney, TX


To Whom it May Concern:

I have been in the ministry nearly 27 years and I have been a pastor for nearly 23 of those years. There have been many times I have needed a leadership course that would not be overly cumbersome or time consuming, yet complete enough to give my folks the necessary training they would need to enhance their individual ministry.

Dr. Lester Hutson has developed such a course over his many years as pastor and mentor. He has taken the written word of God and combined it with everyday practical illustrations to demonstrate the importance of having quality leaders in the church and living a life of leadership.

I personally went through the leadership course that Dr. Lester Hutson led several years ago and even then realized the benefit of what he was teaching concerning leadership and used what I learned often through the years in my ministry.

If you are a Pastor, or lay leader in the body of Christ, and your looking for something that could energize and enhance your people in a short period of time. Let me encourage you to have Dr. Lester Hutson come to your church and lead a “Leadership Seminar” over a weekend and follow it up with a recognition service that Sunday to recognize those that completed the course. I believe it will truly impact your ministry for the glory of God.

-T. J. Bordelon

Pastor Cove Baptist Church

Orange, Texas 77630