By today’s social standards I am retired. For the vast majority of people retirement seems to be the ultimate goal. Kick back. Do nothing but goof off and play. A life of ease and no responsibility!

Few illusions are greater than retirement! It usually takes only weeks (sometimes days) for this bubble to burst. No point, no purpose, a steady diet of golf or fishing, babysitting the grandkids, constant sight-seeing and nothing-of-value-to-do get old in a hurry. In less than 12 months the vast majority of retirees are bored stiff; large numbers are already in a 6 foot hole. Heart attack, stroke, gave up!

No person was made to vegetate, fossilize, aimlessly wander, waste life in self-indulgence and laziness. Low or high class! Men were created by God for a purpose. We are not here to merely occupy real estate till we die; we are here to contribute, serve, give and work.

Yes, work! Because the years take an incessant toll on the body the approach to work may shift but it must not end. Never! As the tree matures and ages its fruit gets better and sweeter. What a lesson! May the goal for all of us be more and sweeter fruit; never barrenness!

Long before retired I had to come to grips with retirement. I looked in our manual for life, the Bible. I couldn’t find it. Jesus never retired. Neither did Moses, David, Daniel or Paul. It’s just not there. Hum! Maybe there’s a silent message. It does seem that wasted years by those who still have a mind and body sound enough to produce are inconsistent with everything taught in the Scriptures.

For me it is a no brainer. I belong to God. I do not belong to me, own myself. I’ve been bought with the blood of Jesus Christ. I’m a slave for life! I must serve Him till I die. I must! He owns me. He has given men enough sense and honesty to know I cannot do all of the things I once did but I can do many things I never did. And, I can do some things better than I ever did. Furthermore I intend to do all I can with all my might till my Master reassigns me to heaven.

On June 7, 2009 I stood in the pulpit of Berean Baptist Church which it was my privilege to occupy for 33 years. “Today I am resigning the pastorate of Berean Baptist Church; I am not resigning the gospel ministry. I shall never do that. Today my ministry is merely changing directions.” Has it ever! In the 24 months since, I have preached and represented the Christian Law Association in 135 churches in 12 states. That’s over 200 sermons and representations. I have also completed 18 chapters in my newest book. I am also making progress editing my History of Churches book. I am working on a number of other projects.

Retirement! What’s that? My goal and full intentions are to be effectively used of God until I see King Jesus face-to-face.

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  1. I hear what you say. But I would like to find out for myself what boredom feels like. Heck, I’d like to feel what a two week vacation feels like! Don’t think I will ever find out until I leave private practice and that is several years away. Shouldn’t complain, however. I do have a job so I should feel blessed.


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