Jesus Among Other Gods

I highly recommend an excellent Ravi Zacharias book by the same title. Though this is not a review of that book, comparing Jesus and Christianity with other religious concepts is a provocative and highly enlightening experience. I challenge every one of you to try it. Compare biblical Christianity with atheism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, communism, socialism, Hedonism and all the others.

Ironically many of the basic positions of Christianity are now political issues. They were biblical positions long before they reached the political arena. The God of the Bible was here first, and addressed social issues long before politicians and professors woke up.

As far back as Genesis 4, God made it clear that life is precious and sacred in His sight. With God, black lives matter; and so do white lives, red lives, yellow lives, old lives and yes, babies! Not just unborn deer, tigers, pandas, and elephants, but baby people. Mothers and their health are also very important, but so are their babies. Take care of women, but also take care of babies. One doesn’t have to die at the hands of the other. With God, life is not cheap. “Thou shalt not kill” is the Christian position on abortion and euthanasia.

The sanctity of marriage and the home is a big issue on God’s list. According to God, a marriage is a legal and binding contract between one man and one woman. The home is the basic brick in any society. When the home goes down, all kinds of social ills proliferate: violence, disrespect, irresponsibility, lawlessness, poverty and oppression. The home is the place where life’s most basic education occurs. There is where people learn respect, sharing, giving and to love one another. The home is life’s incubator for the needed skills of life.

Love and respect are uniquely Christian traits: love for God and gratitude for his goodness, love for others and love for the earth and its creatures. Jesus said, “As ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.” Christianity teaches you not to steal their car or sex from their wife. Christianity says you should not trash and pollute the earth or mistreat animals.

Another major Christian position is personal responsibility. The Bible teaches that we are all accountable for our own actions. What does that do to Freud and the blame game? Christianity teaches us to police ourselves. In societies where Christianity prevails, the need for policeman and prisons is much less. God is no respecter of persons, and we shouldn’t be either. The Christian way is for people to receive jobs and promotions upon the strength of ability and performance, not gender or skin color. Talk about a blow to racism, Christianity is the biggest hammer of all. What do you suppose this basic Christian position does to affirmative-action, and to welfare for those who are not responsible enough to get a job?

Then, there is obedience to civil government. Yes, Christianity says, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s.” Real, practicing Christians pay their taxes and obey the law. They don’t blow up non-Christians, loot or shoot innocent people. Obviously, Jesus stands mighty tall right here.

Consider liberty of conscious and freedom. Christians believe that all men should be free to choose, and that no man has a right to impose himself and his beliefs on others. This eliminates totalitarian systems, civil or religious. Inherent in the concept of freedom is a free enterprise system of government where every man is free to rise or fall on his own.

There are really only two world views: theistic and atheistic. Christians believe that God made the world, and that we are accountable to him for our behavior in it. The basis for morality and a peaceful, law-abiding society is anchored in the fixed, eternal authority of the Word of God.

How will Christianity impact a society where it is practiced? It will produce love and integrity. It will produce men and women who are honest, who pay their bills and who give an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay. It will cut down on strife, confusion, division and violence. In their places it will produce friendships, harmony, cooperation and peace.

Christianity generates forgiveness and teaches men how to resolve differences. It teaches men to be kind, to give and to return good for evil. It makes men responsible, loyal, moral and unselfish. It keeps men from cheating, stealing, bullying and abusing drugs and other people. It softens hearts and generates love and compassion. Out of Christianity grows respect, hard work and civil harmony. Yes indeed! Christianity is good for any society. The impacts are good, like medicine to hurting people.

Ironically, Christianity is increasingly held in scorn among us. Christians are called the radical religious right. Somehow, we’re bad and the concepts we embrace are to be rejected. My how this world needs more Christianity, not less! America could use a whole lot more honest, law-abiding citizens who treat others right; and a whole lot less killing, cheating, drug-abuse, violence and downright ugliness.

I know that not all that parades in the name of Christianity really is Christian. Sadly, there are wolves among the sheep, tares in the wheat, pretenders and hypocrites! They hurt our cause and give Christianity a bad name. Don’t judge Christianity by what you see in some; you find real Christianity in the Bible. And, it is not only beautiful, but it works. Give it a chance. It will change you for the better. It works here, and here after! No other belief system offers even the slightest hope beyond the grave. Christianity does. Come to Jesus who is the only true God among all the gods, and he will change your life for the better while you live here on earth and then take you to heaven when you leave here. I challenge you to give him an honest try.

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